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Review: There’s nothing fishy about these treats

Finding healthy yet tasty treats can be very tricky for pet parents and many are  attempting to dehydrate their own treats at home.

However, after trying to dehydrate some tripe I soon learned that this isn’t for the fainthearted, or anyone who may have guests arriving. The smell was pungent to put it lightly!

I was therefore really excited to get my hands on some of the new dried capelin treats from Seatreats. After being lucky enough to review some of the fab treats from this sustainable pet food company in the past, I knew I was in for a treat!

Capelin are commonly used to make fish meals, and feed on plankton and crustaceans. Being lower on the food chain reduces the risk of the bio-accumulation of toxins that can occur with many larger predatory fish such as swordfish.

The treats are just air dried fish, nothing more, nothing less. Being so minimally processed it is fantastic to know there are no hidden ingredients, which is especially important for anyone with an allergic dog or a one that is on a limited ingredient diet.

Because these treats are so fresh, they do have a strong odour so I would recommend they are kept in a plastic container. However, this string odour makes them super high value for many dogs which means they are invaluable for many training scenarios. They also contain healthy the omega 3 oils I mentioned in my earlier post!

So how do they taste?

Today’s taste tester was the gorgeous Molly the Labrador. Molly suffers from atopic dermatitis and therefore her parents have to be extremely cautious with the food and treats she is given.IMG_0409


Before I had opened the bag Molly was bursting with excitement at the smell of these fishy treats and as you can see, she loved every bite!


For more information on these fantastic treats and to see the entire range, please visit Seatreats online at www.seatreats.co.uk


Sea Treats – Making waves in the dog treat market

As facultative or scavenging carnivores, our canine companions have evolved to eat a diet of primarily meat and choosing a wholesome, species appropriate food for your pet can be one of the best ways to keep them fit and healthy.  But what about treats?


There are many treats on the market that contain unhealthy ingredients and while as people we have the choice to consume unhealthy treats, our dogs do not.  Luckily for them there are also some incredibly wholesome treats that are both tasty and healthy and I was recently thrilled to learn about the Sea Treats range of fish based dog treats.

Having a background in zoology and conservation, I was extremely pleased to learn that the Sea Treats products have full Marine Stewardship Council Certification. This certification guarantees the fish used to make these treats comes from sustainable fisheries.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on three of their products  – Premium fish skin and kelp seaweed treats, Salmon, whitefish, potato and seaweed biscuits and Small fish skin cubes.

Firstly, I was extremely impressed to see each product contained very few ingredients:

The Salmon, whitefish, potato and seaweed biscuits contain (as the name suggests) just salmon, whitefish and  potato.


The Fish skin and Kelp seaweed treats also contain just whitefish skins and Irish kelp seaweed.



The Fish skin cubes contain just fish skin!


It is a wonderfully refreshing change to discover a range with such wholesome ingredients and the fish skins in particular and perfect for those who choose to raw feed their pets.  Knowing the protein source we feed our pets is very important, particularly if a pet is on an exclusion diet or if a pet is on a protein rotation diet.  Many pet parents choose to rotate protein sources, for example, feeding fish for a few months and then turkey for a few months. There is a train of thought that feeding the same food for an extended period of time can cause food sensitivity, therefore, changing proteins regularly can be helpful.

But the key question is, how do they taste?

Today’s taste tester is the beautifully quirky Roxy. A Cornish dog through and through, she knows her seafood (it’s hard to avoid it when your daily walk includes running on beautiful beaches and exploring rock pools!).


All three treats went down a treat (excuse the pun) but Roxy’s favourite was the Salmon, whitefish, potato and seaweed biscuits.  All three have a satisfying crunch that can be tricky to perfect if using a home dehydrator to make homemade treats.


All three have a wonderfully fishy smell which for many dogs makes them super high value. Many training scenarios, such as recall require super high value treats and the fish skins in particular may be perfect for persuading wayward canines that coming when called is far more rewarding than chasing squirrels!


Not only are these treats tasty, they also contain Omega 3 and 6. Omega 3 has been shown to have a host of health benefits, from being anti-inflammatory in older animals, to aiding in puppy brain development. Puppies fed Omega 3 were even found to be more easily trained (Kelley et al. 2004).

With all these benefits, there’s nothing fishy about these treats and it’s clear that Sea Treats are making waves in the vast ocean of unhealthy pet products.

For more information and to order online, please visit www.seatreats.co.uk


Kelley R., Lepine A., Burr J., Shyan-Norwalt M. & Reinhart G. (2004). Effect of dietary fish oil on puppy trainability. In: Proceedings.