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A passion for compassion


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I am lucky enough to have surrounded myself with many friends that share my love of animals.  I had always assumed that this shared passion was driven by a simple love of animals, but I now wonder if we all in fact have an ingrained ‘passion for compassion.’


I started to think about this after rescuing a Phalaenopsis orchid from the discount section of Ikea.   It was in very poor condition when I saved it, but with time and care it not only bloomed, but produced two young known as keikis.


Left to right: The mother plant with her two keikis

These young orchids were growing on the flower spike that it had produced and after a year or so they were ready to be weaned from the parent plant and potted into their own pots.

Not having any experience of weaning baby orchids, I did some research online and came across the Youtube channel of ‘Miss Orchid Girl’, Danny.  Her videos are not only wonderfully additive for those who love orchids and full of useful information, but I was struck by the similarity in the way she cares for her orchids and the way me and my fellow animal rescuers care for our rescued animals.

I then learned that not only does Danny care for her orchids with love and passion, but she also cares for rescued birds, including her dove Jackie.

Caring for pigeons myself and having lived with a house pigeon for many years I realised that Danny and I have a very similar personality which I have coined the ‘passion for compassion.’


Having a ‘passion for compassion’ to me means caring for life in all its forms such as seeing an orchid in a store in the reduced section and feeling the need to take it  home to make it healthy or finding a spider has built a web in the house and being kind enough to leave it in peace. These are all compassionate acts that some may find it hard to understand, yet fellow ‘passion for compassion’ people find it equally hard to understand why people would not want to show kindness in these circumstances.

Danny’s My Orchid Story section highlights the way 2something as simple as a plant can help heal broken hearts and bring light into the lives of caring people.  To me, this shows that the very act of caring for another being can help our mental and emotional health and with that, heal our bodies.

It is clear that Danny shares my upset at losing a rescued animal or plant – a feeling so strong that many non-caring people find it hard to understand the hole left by the death of an animal.  Moving into the veterinary field is a daunting prospect as I know there will be many heartbreaking stories to be told, but I hope that my ‘passion for compassion’ will help me through the tough times.

Equally I hope that my lovely orchids that I am leaving behind in the UK continue to thrive and bloom.


For more information on Danny and her passion for orchids, please visit www.orchidnature.com