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Hamster feeding

Feeding hamsters

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Hamsters have a reputation for loving food as they fill their cheek pouches with gusto. However how much of this food do they actually eat?

Modern hamster mixes may appear to be appealing and you will often be pleased to see the food bowl empty in the morning but the truth of the matter will be lying in your hamster’s bed! Surprisingly, hamsters can be very fussy when it comes to food and will generally only eat the bits of the mix they find most appealing. As a rule, this will be the high fat peanuts and sunflower seeds.

It is all too easy not to notice the uneaten pellets that are lurking in your pet’s sleeping quarters when it comes to cleaning out time. Hamsters also have an unusual digestive system as they do not absorb vitamins as readily as other small pets.

In order to make as natural a wholesome a diet as possible for your hamster, a home made diet is best, however if you must use a commercial mix, choose one that is pellet free and lacking in highly coloured pieces; these are only appealing to our eyes!

A homemade diet for our hamsters is has the benefit of easily being amended to the individual. No two hamsters are alike and one may thrive on a commercial mix whilst its sibling slowly wastes away. A general mix for a hamster should consist of the following:

  • 30% rolled oats
  • 20% rolled barley
  • 10% rolled rye
  • 10% rolled what
  • 5% buckwheat
  • 5% millet
  • 5% sunflower seed
  • 5% pumpkin seed
  • 10% linseed and hemp seed mix
  • Organic dog kibble to be given twice a week.
  • Soft hay should be provided at ALL times.

It is essential that you monitor your hamster’s eating habits to ensure they are consuming everything. Do not be tempted to refill the bowl every day if your hamster has food remaining, instead, feed slightly less. If your hamster appears to be losing weight but is otherwise healthy, increase the seed content, on the other hand if your hamster becomes too chubby, decrease the seed content! Cooked egg can also be given from time to time but ensure any uneaten food is removed as this will easily spoil.

Hamsters should also be given fresh vegetables and fruit in small quantities on a daily basis. It is important for your hamster to be given a varied diet to ensure they do not become deficient in vitamins and