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Spike’s world are dedicated to bringing great nutrition to the nation’s hedgehogs with their specialist hedgehog food, ‘Spike’s Dinner.’ Hedgehogs numbers are in severe decline due to our expanding urban environment and supplementary feeding with Spike’s Dinner can help hedgehogs to gain sufficient weight to survive winter hibernation.


Mekuti products help with dmekutiog training and behaviour in a gentle, force free and animal centered way.  Named after the founder’s own animal companions, Meg, Kugel and Tigger, Mekuti is a small company, run with animals, not particularly profits, in mind. With the physiology of the Tellington TTouch method in mind, Mekuti stocks a range of quality products to aid in the behaviour and well being of our animal companions.  Mekuti Balance Harness™ with a Double-Ended Lead is a true godsend for those with dogs that pull, by helping them become more aware of their walking habits.