As pet parents it’s important that we try our best to be educated on our pets’ health and well being. Thankfully there are many wonderful books by some equally wonderful authors.

Here I’ll share with you my virtual bookshelf with books from some of my favourite authors and colleagues.

Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review - Hamster, Gerbil, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Rat, Mouse The Big Guide to Small Pets, was written by myself and is an informative and modern guide to the care and behaviour of rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils and guinea pigs. Its easy to understand guides to choosing, housing, feeding, and understanding your small pet will ensure that your pet has all its physical and emotional needs met.

Including everything a pet owner may need to know to ensure their small pet is offered a fulfilled and wholesome life, the Big Guide to Small Pets is unique in offering the amazing TTouch™ Method. As seen on TV, the TTouch™ method is an effective and easy to learn means of communication between you and your pet and provides an enjoyable way of solving behaviour issues, as well as improving general wellbeing. The Big Guide to Small Pets is the most up to date small animal care guide around and includes the latest research into care, nutrition and behaviour.

Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review - The Cat BibleThe Cat Bible is written by the fantastic Tracie Hotchner, also known as The Radio Pet Lady, and host of the best pet radio shows.

The Cat Bible explains the mysteries of feline behavior to owners who are devoted to their cats without being able to fully understand them. It offers straightforward solutions to the problems that cause people to give up their cats, many of which are preventable, including litter box avoidance, furniture scratching, and physical ailments.

Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review  - the dog bibleThe Dog Bible is also written by the fantastic Tracie Hotchner, also known as The Radio Pet Lady, and host of the best pet radio shows. With her exhaustive research – including reading the latest journals, consulting animal behaviourists and vets – The Dog Bible is a well-informed and definitive guide to caring for your pet

Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review - Sarah Fisher - TTouch - 101 Ways to solve your dog's problems100 Ways to solve Your Dog’s Problems is written by two fantastic behaviourists that I am lucky enough to also call dear friends, Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller. In this great book they present a forward thinking approach to dog training and rehabilitation using TTouch techniques. “100 Ways to Solve Your Dog’s Problems” contains all the positive dog training techniques owners need to work successfully and safely with their pet. Advice on solving issues with noise sensitivity, pulling, excessive barking, excitability, timidity, fear of the vet, guarding, chewing combine to create this ultimate guide to resolving dog behaviour problems.

Unlock Your Dog’s Potential: How to Achieve a Calm and Happy CanineAdam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review  - TTouch - Sarah Fisher - Unlock your dog's potential is another great book by Sarah Fisher This book will help improve every aspect of your dog’s life and behaviour safely and effectively by learning how to understand the way tensions and blocks affect him. Step-by-step exercises and simple observations will allow you and your dog to break free of nagging problems and enjoy the benefits of better health and a happier relationship.

100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog is another book combining the Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review - TTouch - Sarah Fisher - 100 ways to train the perfect dogexpertise of both Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller. It contains practical step-by-step instructions and clear photographs demonstrating essential techniques, with progressive exercises, including bronze, silver and gold certificates that provide structure and achievable goals, enabling you to teach your dog key skills.

Adam Rogers - Adam the Vet - Book review - Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins- your catYour Cat: Simple new secrets to a longer, stronger life by Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins is a must have for every cat owner, particularly those that question the traditional feeding of cats with highly processed dry food. Her controversial work is eye-opening reading for all cat lovers.